Road Trips with your Pug

This time of year many of us are hitting the road with our Pugs to visit family and friends, when planning a car trip with your Pug there are a few things to consider to ensure a happy safe arrival.

  • All Vaccinations & Internal & External Parasite control must be up to date
  • Feed your pug at least 4hrs before travelling, this will allow time for digestion and may ease travel sickness
  • If your pug suffers travel sickness talk to your veterinarian about treatments available, ginger tablets are a safe natural treatment for travel sickness
  • It’s a good idea to make sure your Pug is secure and safe in the car, safety harnesses that  fasten with seat belts and travel crates secured by seat belts are a good option.
  • Always take a water bowl with fresh drinking water on your trip, stopping every 2-3hrs for a walk and drink is a must, We use and recommend these gorgeous Designer Harness & Leash Sets 
  • Pack a supply of your pugs regular food as sudden change in diet can cause health problems
  • Take your pugs bed , snuggle blanket and toy, this will help with the anxiety of being in a new environment

Happy Holidays EveryPuggy

PugLove CoCo riding high in her Dogs Out Doing Booster Seat
PugLove CoCo riding high in her Dogs Out Doing Booster Seat

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