Christmas Party & Fireworks Pug Training Preparation

PugLove Puppies, Pickle, Poppy and Evie
PugLove Puppies, Pickle, Poppy and Evie

Christmas Party Pug Training & Preparation

Planning on throwing caution to the wind and having a great evening out for Christmas? Be it a social gathering, a work function or just because, we tend to spend more time out and about during the holiday season.

While many of us are fortunate our pugs are included at these gatherings, there are some occasions they are unable to attend. With some considerate planning, you will have a great time and your pug will have a good sleep until you come home.  These are some tips we have learnt over the years raising our pugs:

  • Feed your pug at least one hour before you leave, don’t worry if its earlier than their regular meal time – if its really early, feed 1/2 their food before you leave and the other 1/2 when you return.
  • After their meal, take your pug on a nice relaxing walk, your pug will be able to toilet and keeping it slow and relaxing will ensure they are not over anxious when you leave.
  • Where does your pug normally sleep? If you are going out at night, make sure your pug is in the same routine and the only change is that you are not home. This will help to signal to your pug its time to sleep, and will help them relax. A good idea is to add one of their favourite comfort toys, and an article of clothing you have worn, this can help with settling.
  • Of course, make sure your pug has access to plenty of water.
  • Give your pug a small treat as you calmly leave, a little yoghurt drop works well, and it helps to condition your pug that you leaving and them staying calm = a reward.

Christmas Fireworks & Pugs

If you are going out this silly season, look up if and when any local fireworks are planned.

Amanda from Paws with Me & Puppy Fenton
Amanda from Paws with Me & Puppy Fenton

Some pugs are not phased by fireworks (like ours) but many are.. and its one of the highest incidents for pugs escaping, terrified and frantic. If your pug is affected by fireworks, consider asking a friend to stay with your pug or look into a pug sitter.

In Sydney we recommend Amanda at Paws with Me .

Have you heard of sound conditioning for your pug? If they are nervous around any noises, like thunder, fireworks even the vacuum the Sound Proof Puppy Training App is a great tool. Download straight to your phone and play the sound at a low level while your pug is having their meal. Sound Conditioning training is provided within the app.

Amy, Sound Proof Puppy Training
Amy, Sound Proof Puppy Training