2015 a year of pugs & friendship…

Peaches, Loretta, Nigella & Coco
Some of my nearest & dearest, Daniella, Jane, Hubby Rich & Ell (Pugs L-R Peaches, Loretta, Nigella & Coco) xx

As 2015 draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the year that was. My mind also wonders what 2016 will hold for us all, one thing I know for sure, is that it will be filled with pug cuddles, pug rumbles, chasing pugs who have taken things they shouldn’t, and love bestowed by my adorable little pugs that brings such immense joy.

But what else is around the corner? Many of us don’t have a crystal ball to gaze upon, I certainly don’t, and I am not sure that I would even want one – while I need to have a plan and some degree of certaintity, I prefer not to know what will happen, be it good, bad or otherwise.

I can’t predict the future, but I can reflect on the past and if I had to choose:

the biggest delight of 2015 would be the amazing friendships that the common interest and love of pugs has created! 

I now count amongst my nearest and dearest people that I have met through PugLove and/or my

Kasey (me) and my Goddaughter Clover, one day old.. xxx
Kasey (me) and my Goddaughter Clover, one day old.. xxx

little pugs. My beautiful Goddaughter Clover who is just 3 weeks old would not be in my life had it not been for PugLove, and most of my favourite memories of 2015 were spent with my my pug girlfriends and their families – chatting about life as our little pugs enjoy sitting on our laps, playing with the kids or their little pug friends. (& Champagne, we have indulged in a few glasses of bubbles)

I have always said that pugs were different, but now I think the difference lays more about the people that love pugs and adopt them. They are unique and while they naturally share pugs as a common interest they all share a strong value system built on love, kindness, empathy and selflessness.  

Pugs are very special, and so are the people who adopt them.

Remember that old adage, ‘the dog chooses you…’ do you still think this is true? If it is, then I must say pugs would have to be the best judge of character! And then there are those studies often shared on social channels after people answer a few questions with the main point being that people who choose certain breeds have similar personalities: one such study by By Nicole Pajer says: “Pugs are often viewed as the “class clowns” of the canine species. People who live with pugs are cheerful and have a zest for living life to the fullest. Just like pugs who will do anything for a good belly rub, their owners enjoy frequent massages and days of pampering at the spa.” In my experience however, the similarities are much deeper than being cheerful and enjoying a day at the spa (who doesn’t)!

I have a lot to thank my pugs for; over a decade of love, friendship and companionship mainly – but now I can also thank my pugs for my beautiful friends and extended family who I hold near and dear and now share a very big place in my heart.

Thank you for a wonderful 2015 & Happy New Year


Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 2.07.12 PM
Ell & Tracy (Pugs Coco & Esme)
Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 2.06.53 PM
Daniella with Bobby