Puppy Frankie’s Adoption Story

We pride ourselves in the lifetime support offered with our PugLove puppy adoptions, we would like to share Puppy Frankie’s story with you.

Frankie spending during his last weekend at PugLove playing in the garden
Frankie  during his last weekend at PugLove playing in the garden


Sydney couple David & Bec had been longing to ad a Pug puppy to their family, they done loads of research into ethical breeders and did not want to support any puppy farming operations or backyard breeders.

David & Bec selected PugLove as their preferred breeder & applied to adopt a puppy, in July this year they where excited to be approved to adopt a puppy named Frankie. Leading up to Frankie’s arrival David & Bec where able to ask questions & receive weekly updates on Frankie’s progress & milestones,enabling them to be  well prepared for Frankie’s arrival, care & on going training.

After 1 week David & Bec sent us this update on Frankie  

Frankie has been really great. We’re all doing well. We’re looking forward to Monday week when we can start walking him.

We’ve had our beautiful Frankie at home for just over a week, and he’s made us so happy. He has adjusted to his new environment very well; he loves to play, and scrambles after us wherever we go in the house, which is adorable!

He’s so affectionate, gives everybody he meets lots of love, and we’ve already been told how relaxed and well behaved he is (he learned to sit and fetch in just a few days!).. All of this is evidence of how well bred and raised Pug Love puppies are! Thank you Jane as well for all of your assistance throughout the process! Love, Frankie, David and Bec”


Frankie in his new home
Frankie in his new home


After 3 weeks David & Bec have sent us this update on Frankie

Just thought I’d give you a quick Frankie update! He’s doing very well, he’s fully learned to sit even without a treat incentive. Now we’re moving on to “lie down” which he’s picking up quickly.

He’s had his 10 week vaccination and we’ve started taking him on walks… The success of the walk depends on his level of naughtiness.. Sometimes he’s more interested in leaves, gum nuts, and our feet. We’re getting mixed results with going to the toilet… Sometimes he’ll go outside, and other times he’ll save it for when he’s back inside. I guess it’s just a matter of persistence until he works it out!

His obsession with chewing is now in full swing, especially socks! He loves to go in to the bedroom to find a pair, and then escape with his bounty.. It’s extremely cute and funny, but we do our best to correct the behaviour. We’re so happy with him, and love him so much! He’s really starting to grow now, can’t believe it’s only been 3 weeks. I’ve attached some pictures 🙂


David & Bec

Frankie at 10 weeks of age






Frankie the sock king !





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