Pug Puppy Badger’s Adoption Story


I called PugLove after having a bad experience with another breeder who (after paying a 50% deposit), stopped taking my calls and didn’t have the puppy she had promised me.


Needless to say I was upset and a little wary of being caught out again… but thankfully lovely Jane listened to my tale of woe and at the time had a pup available for adoption – our beautiful Badger.  Despite being almost ready to have a baby of her own, Jane (or her PugLove team member Kasey) was always available to answer questions and emails, send gorgeous puppy pictures and organise Badger’s transport from to Brisbane which made the whole adoption process an absolute joy as we counted down the weeks and days to being able to meet the little guy in person!
When the day finally arrived for Badger to fly in, the whole family was so excited to meet him and he was just the cutest thing we’d ever laid eyes on as he bounded out of his crate and into our arms.  He was obviously beautifully socialised and has fit in with our two young daughters, is happy to be picked up and cuddled, taken for walks in the doll stroller, or share a nap on their beds. He has also formed a great friendship with our existing German Shepherd. The two of them amaze people when we take them out for walks or they see them playing together. They are our office dogs and we often wonder if our clients visit to see us, or play with our dogs!
PugLove Puppu Badger happily taking the lead from big sister
PugLove Puppy Badger happily taking the lead from big sister
Badger is such a sociable little guy, he loves to meet new people and animals and is happy to be taken anywhere. He is well known at many local cafes, beaches and parks.  We are so in love with him and couldn’t imagine life without him now!
If you are thinking of adopting a beautiful pug – I couldn’t recommend PugLove more – they are professional and kind and breed beautiful, happy, well-socialised puppies.
Thank you PugLove!
Renee Buckley