4 Easy Steps to Pug Grooming

Pugs enjoy being groomed  it’s just another form of stroking to them, and they always revel in being given attention. Brushing the coat with a soft bristle brush or hand glove , for just a few minutes each day stimulates the blood flow to the skin, and keeps the coat in top condition. It also gives you an opportunity to check the dog’s body for any lumps, cuts, grass seeds, & parasites.

Regular brushing combined with weekly bathing will control the amount of shed hair that ends up in your home and on your clothes. Traditionally, Pugs shed in the spring and autumn, but it is dependent on the temperature (a warm autumn or cold spring can delay the coat change).




Pug being groomed


4 Easy Steps to Pug Grooming

what you will need

Cotton Buds



Dog brush or grooming Glove

Dog Shampoo & Conditioner – we recommend PugWash

Dog Nail Clippers

Coat Spray


1. Preparation

Brush your Pug all over their body to remove any loose hair and dirt

Wipe eyes with tissues

Clean ears with Cotton Buds making sure not to push the Cotton Bud into the ear Canal

clean in face wrinkles with tissues & cotton bud

2. Treatments

Shampoo & Condition your Dogs coat with PugWash  ( never use human shampoo & conditioner as it has a different PH level & can cause skin irritation)

Towel & Blow dry

3. Deshed & Clip

Brush your Pugs entire body to smooth out hair and remove any loose hair

Clip your dogs Nails ( only the very tip if required) you may like to have this done by a professional groomer or your vet


Apply deodorising spray or coat spritzer

King Pugs coats beautiful shine after using PugWash
King Pugs  beautiful shine after using PugWash







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