Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree – Christmas Safety Tips for Pugs

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree – Christmas Safety Tips for Pugs

Whether you decorate on 1st December – earlier, or even later, there are a few important Christmas Safety Tips and considerations you need to make for you and your pugs to have very Merry Christmas.

Our Sydney Vet Dr John at Belrose Veterinary Hospital, mentioned he sees many pets admitted with chocolate toxicity, having eaten presents placed under the tree. Just because its wrapped, doesn’t mean they can’t smell it – and if they can reach it they can access it.

Our best advise, is remember pugs are like Children – whether they are puppies or not. a pugs love of food combined with their cheeky personalities places them in many precarious situations that their human parents need to prevent.


Your Christmas Tree:

  • Place your Christmas tree in a corner, and remove the lower branches that are lower than your pugs head, a pugs bulgy eyes can easily be damaged from pointy branches of real and fake trees.
  • We highly recommend placing a baby or pet playpen around your tree to ensure that your pug can not access the tree at all. If you do not use a playpen, do not leave your pug unattended in the room for any length of time with access to the tree.
  • Do not place any presents under the tree, its best to keep them packed away or on a mantle. Pugs love to tear open paper, and can damage your beautiful wrapping, but many presents can contain small parts, batteries and food which is all dangerous and poisonous for pugs.
  • Its a good idea to add bells to the lower branches of your tree, that way, if you have a Houdini Pug, the bells will warn you that your pug is trying to access the tree.
  • Make sure any decorations are attached tightly to the tree and away from a pugs reach, remember they can stand on their back legs when motivated enough. Again small parts, broken shades from baubles and tinsel are very vert dangerous to your pugs eyes and paws and if your pugs digests tinsel for example it can easel block their intestines and require surgical removal.
  • Christmas lights while pretty are very dangerous, if your pug is still a puppy and in the ‘chewing phase’ we strongly recommend you skip the lights this year. If your mature pug is generally ok with power cords, still take the precaution of placing the lights high up on the tree out of reach, remember a pug can be shocked if they bite through a wire. (Now is a good time to also check your homes safety switch is still operational).

Christmas Decoration Precautions:

  • Do you decorate with ‘real’ rather than fake  holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants? Did you know they  are poisonous pugs? If you have these in / around your home, place them up high where your pug can not access them.
  •  Edible decorations are best avoided all together, a food motivated pug will attempt anything to reach them, even if they don’t contain food your pug should not eat, they can easily hurt themselves attempting to reach them.

Our intention isn’t to be a Christmas Grinch, we love Christmas and decorate our home every year, but our pugs safety is our first priority so we decorate safely for all our family.

If you have any tips or advice or stories of your own about Christmas Decorating, we would love to hear them.

Pickle with her supervised christmas bauble shoot
4 Week Old Pickle – with her supervised christmas bauble photo, do not leave pugs and decorations unattended.