Stella and her baby Poppy.

Pug Adoption

Thank you for considering PugLove as your registered pug puppy breeders Australia for adoption.

Dogs Nsw Breeders registration No: 2100065354 (04/14)

Our pugs are our family, and are only available for adoption to approved, forever homes. PugLove pugs are adopted as pets exclusively, a desexing contract forms part of our adoption process.

Our adoption process is different, because we are different. We breed pugs as wanted, loved members joining your family. We do not show our pugs, their temperament, health and strong genetics is our award!

This page provides an overview of our process for adopting a PugLove pug. If you have not already done so, please ensure you subscribe to receive adoption notices by newsletter.

PugLove Pug Puppies are only adopted within Australia, Transport Quotes can be arranged when an adoptive family is approved.


  • Puppy adoption notices are emailed to PugLove subscribers when a litter is available.
  • Register your interest by filling out the form here. Please include a short paragraph about yourself why you are looking to adopt one of our PugLove puppies.
  • Adoption candidates are screened, and a short-list is contacted for a phone interview at a scheduled and convenient time.
  • If selected, you will be notified of your pre-approval and when the puppies are born we will call you with exciting news that you are now a proud pug parent.
  • You choose their name, they all leave our nursery knowing their names and basic training suitable for
  • their age. (Deposit paid when puppies are born).
  • Weekly updates and photos are shared and we assist in preparing you and your home to welcome your new addition. (Balance payable at 7 weeks).


PugLove pugs are raised on our family property in northern NSW. Our pugs are our family, and are part of our daily life and raised in our home.

All our pugs and puppies are very well socialised by 8 weeks of age: having been kissed, hugged, patted and adored by our children, myself and our extended family. This gives our puppies an excellent foundation for their future including their transition into a forever adoptive family’s home.

All our pugs receive the best veterinary care, premium all natural food and treatments to ensure the best health and well-being. A healthy mum and dad, give our puppies a great head start. In the first few weeks, we check mum and puppies every two hours, to ensure they are attaching and feeding well. When weaned, they receive the best all natural puppy milk formula and kibble. Around four weeks of age, they are starting to walk and its time to venture out of the nursery into the garden for a few hours of supervised playtime per day.

By 8 weeks of age, all PugLove puppies have received a comprehensive health assessment and all treatments including:

  • Veterinarian health checks
  • Vaccinations to protect against disease
  • Intestinal worms and heartworm treatment
  • External parasite control treatment
  • Balanced / natural puppy nutrition
  • Skin and fur cleansing and conditioning
  • Micro-chipping for formal identification


To ensure you are off to a good start with your new puppy, we provide adoptive families our much-loved puppy pack, which includes:

  • One months supply of health treatments
  • Pug puppy care information
  • PugLove pug pedigree registration papers
  • Microchip Identification Documents
  • Puppies own comfort teddy/toy to assist with settling in their new home

PugLove offers ongoing support, advice and information for life, we are always available to assist.


MR WILSON – Just to give you an update on Mr. Wilson, he is an absolute delight to have around and feels like he has always been part of the family. He is sleeping really well, only getting me up to the toilet once but does have a bad habit of a 4am start!! That is a work in progress……

He loves playing with Penny and when outside he brings the tennis ball back so he can chase it again.

He has also learned how to sit and comes to his name which is fantastic. He knows exactly where the food cupboard is and sits outside it when it is dinner and breakfast time which is hilarious. We just have to watch when we open it as it doubles as the laundry chute to the garage and he may end up going for a surprise trip. I would like to thank you for all the hard work you obviously put in when they are first-born until they leave you. You can tell they have been socialised and trained from the start and he is very well-behaved and well-balanced little pug. I will send through some more pictures when he gets a little bit bigger although he has already grown so much. Thanks again, Nicky NSW

MS COCO – I would like to thank PugLove so much for breeding the most personable, adorable and all around ‘best’ pugs. Two years ago I started the search for a pug, after talking to Jane from Pug Love my search ended there. Jane is a wealth of knowledge on the pug breed, she was always happy to answer my ‘mum to be’ questions and sent photos of my new baby regularly). It was love at first sight when we finally got to met our new family member, I may be biased but she is perfection in every way. I cannot even begin to explain how sweet and smart she is…. not to mention easy to train!! Jane had even taught Coco her name whilst at the Pug Love nursery!!

I have kept in contact with Jane and am now proud to even call her ‘my friend’. There is one thing I know for certain…. If you are looking for a lifetime pug buddy of your own, you should get a puppy from Pug Love, because if they are half the dog my Coco has turned out to be, it will be the best dog you’ve ever had. Thanks again Jane! The Hicks Family

PUPPY FRANK – My partner and I adopted Frank from Jane in 2014, after wanting a pug for as long as I can remember. Initially we were lined up to buy a pug pup from a local breeder, and at the last-minute were made aware that we were being scammed, and on the day before we were set to receive our puppy, everything got pulled away. It was then that I was heartbroken, and desperate to find a genuine breeder who could help, whilst being quite cautious of what could possibly happen. It was then that I found Jane.I called and spoke to Jane for what must have been about an hour. She listened to my recent horror story, and was extremely sympathetic. Jane calmed any of my nerves about whether I was speaking to the right breeder by giving me a detailed history of her as a person, as a breeder, and as a pet lover. Immediately it was clear that Jane was the perfect breeder. Jane is an incredibly kind and gentle person who, without any shadow of a doubt, shows compassion and care for the animals that she breeds, and makes sure that the homes they are going to are well suited and loving. It always stuck in my mind that Jane made it a point that she likes to stay friends with her clients, and to keep up to date with how the pups are going. As we are located in South Australia, we had to get Frank flown down here. Jane took care of all of the flights and times Frank would be flying for us, which was perfect and managed with ease, as we were initially worried about how that would go, having never done it before. Frank arrived safe and sound and in great health, and has remained to be perfect. He has had no health issues, and is clearly from good stock, and born into the best circumstances. I would recommend Jane to anyone who is looking for a pug, or even just wanting information or someone to talk to about these amazing creatures. It is thanks to Jane that I have the little light of my life, and my little best friend, for which I will forever be grateful. For any more information or input, I would be happy to speak about my experience with Jane and her pugs.

Thank you for considering PugLove adoption, its makes us feel very reassured that there are so many loving forever homes for our pugs. We pride ourselves on our openness and transparency, we encourage you to read our blog and follow our social pages Facebook & InstagramPugLove is a Registered Pug Puppy Breeder – Dogs NSW Australia Breeders Registration number: 2100065354 (04/14).



- 4 Black Pug Puppies - JET | PIPPI | CHAI | OLIVE

  • Birthdate: 27/04/2019
  • Sex: Female
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Puppies Sire: Foo Man Choo
  • Puppies Dam: Della
  • Pedigree: Please complete the Pre Adoption questionnaire to commence the adoption process
  • Microchip ID: Available on enquiry
  • Enquire about adopting me




    DOB: 11th May 2019

    Sex: Female

    Colour: Fawn

    Microchip: 991003000241878

    Price: $3500 (includes delivery to new home Australia wide.)


    DOB: 11th May 2019

    Sex: Male

    Colour: Black

    Microchip: 991003200241974

    Price: $3500 (includes delivery to new home Australia wide.)


    DOB: 11th May 2019

    Sex: Female

    Colour: Fawn

    Microchip: 991003000241872

    Price: $3500 (includes delivery to new home Australia wide.)