Winter Pug Care

Brrr ! It’s almost that time of year when we love to come home put on our fluffy slippers & snuggle under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate ! Of course our Pugs deserve  this same snugly warm feeling.

  • Did you know one if the ways Pugs regulate their body temperature is through their paw pads ? So don’t forget to get some comfy Paw Socks for them to wear around home this winter.
  • A winter Jumper or jacket for Outings is a great idea and they look cute too !
  • Always provide shelter with warm bedding both indoors and in outdoor areas of the home
  • Your Pugs appetite may increase during winter as more energy is needed to keep warm, it’s ok to feed a little more,  always check with your vet if your unsure on the exact amount to feed your Pug, like us the odd comfort treat is welcomed during the winter months.

Cold Cosy Nights, Fluffy Slippers & Warm Pug Kisses

Ginnie the diva in her leopard Print Paw socks



Lady Tilly in Red
Lady Tilly in Red

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  1. howselorraine says:

    Hi, I wanted to enquire about adoption but couldn’t follow the link, are you based in Sydney ? as I am in Perth, do you have any links to adoption here, love your site.

    Lorraine.Mum to a beautiful little girl called Harriet.

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