5 signs your Pug Is Happy

rita smile

We all wish our Pugs could talk – wouldn’t it be wonderful !

Even though Pugs cannot talk they are able to communicate with us in other ways, of course each pug has their unique personalitites & their body language may not be exactly the same as other Pugs however there are some key behaviours & actions that can help us understand how our Pug is feeling.


5 Signs your Pug is Happy

1.Soft Panting, relaxed posture, happy face expression

happy pug 2happy pug







2.Body position Relaxed


imagesHE95EXH7relaxed pug










3.Lying with one or both front paws tucked under

relaxed paw







4.Enthusiastic Tail Wag

pug tail






5.Play Bow ( front end down; rear end up; tail wagging)

pug ponce