PugLove Puppy Adoption Testimonial ~ Puppy Frank

PugLove Puppy Adoption Testimonial Frank Jackson

My partner and I bought Frank from Jane in 2014, after wanting a pug for as long as I can remember. Initially we were lined up to buy a pug pup from a local breeder, and at the last minute were made aware that we were being scammed, and on the day before we were set to receive our puppy, everything got pulled away. It was then that I was heartbroken, and desperate to find a genuine breeder how could help, whilst being quite cautious of what could possibly happen. It was then that I found Jane. I called and spoke to Jane for what must have been about an hour. She listened to my recent horror story, and was extremely sympathetic. Jane calmed any of my nerves about whether I was speaking to the right breeder by giving me a detailed history of her as a person, as a breeder, and as a pet lover. Immediately it was clear that Jane was the perfect breeder. Jane is an incredibly kind and gentle person who, without any shadow of a doubt, shows compassion and care for the animals that she breeds, and makes sure that the homes they are going to are well suited and loving. It always stuck in my mind that Jane made it a point that she likes to stay friends with her clients, and to keep up to date with how the pups are going.

A cheeky pose from Puppy Frank
A cheeky pose from Puppy Frank


As we are located in South Australia, we had to get Frank flown down here. Jane took care of all of the flights and times Frank would be flying for us, which was perfect and managed with ease, as we were initially worried about how that would go, having never done it before. Frank arrived safe and sound and in great health, and has remained to be perfect. He has had no health issues, and is clearly from good stock, and born into the best circumstances.

Such a perfect Face - PugLove Frank
Such a perfect Face – PugLove Frank

I would recommend Jane to anyone who is looking for a pug, or even just wanting information or someone to talk to about these amazing creatures. It is thanks to Jane that I have the little light of my life, and my little best friend, for which I will forever be grateful. For any more information or input, I would be happy to speak about my experience with Jane and her pugs.


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