Pug Dad Profile: Handsome Hugo

Handsome Hugo in his buddy belt harness.
Handsome Hugo in his buddy belt harness.

Have you met our PugLove Dad, Handsome Hugo?

If you haven’t, there is a very good chance you know of his famous daughter Nigella.

Hugo is the most adorable little man, and as much as we don’t like playing favourites at PugLoveHQ, we must admit that Hugo holds a very special place in our hearts.

Hugo spends his days trotting around our property, checking in on the chooks, keeping the PugLove ladies protected and in order.


He is constantly followed by the little ones, they look up to him with his confident calm nature, we often see Hugo with a trail of little pups following behind.

Nigella and Zeus (two of Hugo's pretty babies)
Nigella and Zeus (two of Hugo’s pretty babies)

In winter, Hugo spends his days on the deck laying in the sun, his shinny black coat often turns a dark chocolate brunette shade by winters end.

Hugo is equally at home, curled up inside by the fire, or racing Lali (Miss 4 year old pug princess) and her pony to the dam.

Nickname: Handsome Hugo
  • Birthday: 11/4/2009
  • Fav Food: chicken wings (raw)
  • Personality Traits: cool calm and collected
  • Best Known For: sharing his white chest stripe with his┬ápug pups


fergus & chelsea, two more of Hugo's babies
Master Fergus & Chelsea, two more of Hugo’s beautiful babies! xo