Nigella the PugLove Pug

Nigella Puppy

Nigella the PugLove Pug

In a few short weeks, it will be twelve months since I left the PugLove nursery, and joined my forever family. Growing up on rural property, with my three pug litter sisters Billy, Coco and Loretta was so much fun – we played. lay in the sun, was taken on backyard walks with little Lali and was given the best start to life by my pug mum Peggy, and her parents Jane and Chris, with the best vet care and nutrition a little puglet could ever need.

I joined my forever family just before Christmas 2013, mum says I was so tiny and cute that I was practically mobbed wherever I went. My mum asked for me as an anniversary present from dad instead of an eternity ring, after all pugs – not diamonds are a girls best friend.

I bonded instantly with my mum, a bond that is noticeable by everyone we meet, and I am fortunate enough to go everywhere with mum, to work, on holidays and even shopping. That doesn’t mean I don’t love my dad and pug siblings, I love playing with them as much as I can, its just the bond I have with my mum is different – if I must admit, when mum leaves my side when I am out, I cry and cry and cry (Don’t tell anyone ok).

My mum tells me she loves me everyday, and that I ’saved her’ I don’t know what that means, but I know she loves me lots, and thinks I am very special, so special that she wanted to share me with the world. We share our little adventures on Facebook and Instagram, and I have now become somewhat of a celebrity – today I was at a RSPCA fundraising event and a lovely lady asked my name, Dad said this is Nigella, ‘Do you know there is a Nigella the Pug on Facebook?’, she said, my dad was surprised (as he doesn’t really follow social media) and said this is her, this is Nigella the Pug, the lady was overwhelmed and said she was a little starstruck when mum said how about I take your photo together.

If I wasn’t a PugLove Pug, mum doesn’t think I would have been so well behaved and adjusted. My puppy pre-school teacher Amy tells us the first 16 weeks sets a dog up for life, my first 8 weeks at the PugLove nursery was full of love and nurture – the next 8 weeks was full of love, encouragement and adventure. I am the happiest pug anyone could imagine, so happy that I wanted to share my story with you, and let you know what life as a PugLove Pug is like – it’s PAW’SOME! xxxx @Nigellathepug