Saving Stu The Rescue Pug

Meet Nigella’s little Rescue Stu Stu Studio…

Stu was surrendered to Nigella’s family about four weeks ago, unfortunately Stu didn’t start his life being raised in the PugLove nursery and then leaving for their carefully selected forever family the way Nigella did.

Stu has obviously spent most of his life in a puppy farm, he unfortunately has too many of the tell tale signs of abuse and neglect:

His left eye had to removed due to an untreated ulcer
Lost 2/3 of his sight from his right eye due to scaring from untreated infections
Has deformed feet from spending days on end on wire floors
Underweight, was just skin and bone
Suffering from worms, fleas and mites
Teeth rotting out of his mouth
Scarred, ticketed and blackened skin due to constant irritation and untreated skin conditions
Riddled with mast cell tumours, 6 identified to date

They have have spent the past few weeks trying to rehabilitate Stu, he has learnt to trust people, he has learnt how to chew a bone, he has learnt food is served twice per day, water is plentiful, that he will always be warm and dry. Stu is learning how to play with me, how to snuggle with our pug brother and sister and enjoy cuddles on the couch with mum & dad.

There is Pug Heaven on earth..
There is Pug Heaven on earth..

I sat down with Nigella and her mum and asked what they found worked best to aid his speedy recovery:

worming tablets straight away, two courses a week apart
Nexguard, killed all the flees straight away
PugWash, calming lavender, gentle enough for his damaged skin
Food Supplements – glucosamine, fish oil, turmeric, cold pressed coconut oil, manuka honey
Lots of sardines,
Either a dried tendons or kangaroo jerky to clean his teeth daily
Necourt cream on his thickened skin

Youghurt drops to help with toilet training and love, lots and lots of love and cuddles…and apart from a vet check we stayed at home for the first two weeks so he would learn he isn’t going anywhere…this is home now.

Stu still has a long way to go, most importantly getting strong enough for his major surgery to remove these nasty tumours. But his eyes are starting to shine and he is starting to thrive. #savingstu


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