Australia’s First Pedigree Silver Pug?

Could this be Australia’s first Pedigree Silver PugOur research suggests so!

Sterling the Silver Pug
Sterling the Silver Pug

Last year we welcomed handsome Richie Rich to the PugLove grumble. We selected Richie to join PugLove as our black pedigree stud as beloved Hugo was entering retirement age. Richie has a very strong English pedigree, he was born in New Zealand and travelled to PugLove in December. After undergoing genetic testing to ensure his gene pool was clear of any inherited genetic health issues, complete blood work and health checks by our nominated vet, all of which Richie passed with flying colours, Hugo entered retirement and worded up Richie on the big paws (boots) he needed to fill.

The first of Richie’s pups were born in early March, proud PugLove mum Ginnie; welcoming five beautiful black pugs, three boys and two girls. All pups were strong and healthy at birth and now three weeks old are thriving.

Black Pug Puppies
Ginnie’s 5 Babies..

The second litter of Richie’s pups were to proud PugLove mum Shirley. Shirley traditionally has small litters, 2-3 puppies, so we were very surprised when Shirley went into labour early. We were even more surprised when Shirley only delivered one bouncing baby boy, and he wasn’t black or fawn – he was silver!

 We reached out to our extensive pug network in Australia and all unequivocally advised to the best of their knowledge no true silver pedigree pugs had been born in Australia. 

(A pedigree pug, is one that is bred by a registered pug breeder, to pug parents that have pedigree paperwork, which clearly shows their DNA heritage. The offspring is then registered with the Australian Kennel Club, with the proven DNA pedigree and paperwork).

Welcome to the world Sterling the Silver Pu
Welcome to the world Sterling the Silver Pug

Welcome to the world Sterling the Silver Pug  born on 7th March, stunning Sterling opened his eyes to the world yesterday afternoon (Saturday 19th March). We look forward to nurturing your development in the PugLove Nursery over the next six weeks.

We are pleased to announce that Sterling has been adopted by the Dunlop-Bacich family, based in Sydney he will join close friends of PugLove, their two children and little fawn one year old pug Miss Holly the Love Pug!

If you are aware of any pedigree silver pugs in Australia, please contact us, we are very keen to understand and gather more information about the genetic traits and predominance of these beautiful silver beauties in Australia.

True Silver shown against Dominant Black
PugLove Ginnie and Sterling – True Silver (Sterling) shown against Dominant Black (Ginnie)

True Silver Pugs:

True Silver Pugs are extremely rare; literature dating back to 1896 reveals the silver colour gene is a throw back to their ancestors. Silver pugs are not yet recognised in Australia Kennel Club (perhaps because to this time there has not been any known pedigree silver) Silver Pugs are officially recognised by the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club and in the United Kingdom.

Silver Pug Genetics:

Advance thank you to Sandy Peterson and Brigitte Kittel for sharing their research into the silver pug genetics. Your ongoing research and quest for information has preserved this beautiful genetic trait from being lost forever.

  • For many years, it was assumed that a Silver Pug was genetically fawn (k^y/k^y).
  • After genetic testing by VetGen, it was revealed that Silver Pugs have a dominant black gene (K^B/k^y or K^B/K^B).
  • This was surprising; as a True Silver Pug can only produce black offspring when the other black parent gives the dominant black colour gene.

True Silver Genetics are very rare and it appears PugLove have unlocked the Silver Colour Gene in Australia, through Richie Rich.  

Some may say that there are many silver pugs – however they are most unlikely to be True Silver Pugs, with the genetic silver colour DNA. Their colour can be caused by Gene Hybridisation, or a mutation of the colour gene.

Note: please be advised that, Sterling may be a one of a kind for PugLove. We are happy to work with you regarding adoption of a PugLove pug, however can not take enquiries or adoption deposits for a True Silver Pug. The colour as detailed above is determined by colour genetics, we will not try and manipulate colour genes to specifically breed silver pugs.