Chelsea the PugLove pug

Miss Chelsea the PugLove Pug
Miss Chelsea the PugLove Pug


Hello, my name is Chelsea & I am 2 years old. Mum asked me if I’d like to write a blog about myself for PugLove Pugs & of course, I said I would luv too!!
I am a PugLove Pug, and guess what?!? I am going to be a big sister very very soon to baby Fergus! He is a PugLove Pug too. Mummy & I are going up to Glen Innes to pick him up this Friday. I get to see Jane, Chris & Lali again! And visit the property where I was born & raised. So exciting.
Mummy is all ready for baby Fergus, & I think I am too. I had an older pug brother named Hari but very sadly he passed away this year. I miss him & have been a little lonely. Mummy decided to adopt baby Fergus so I would have a playmate. Plus Mum adores pugs.
I am going to share my toys with Fergus & show him around our place in Bathurst. I’m a Mummy’s girl so I not sure if I’ll share my mum or not. But Mum told me she will be Fergus’s Mummy too, so I might have to share her with him.
I’ll tell you all about Fergus soon. I just got a yummy bone to chew

Miss C xox