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About Us

Jane with her pugs

Meet Jane Alt: Founder and Pug Lover!

PugLove was founded by Jane Alt and is managed by the Alt family from their farm in rural Glen Innes, NSW.

Jane’s love for the squishy faced, curly tailed, quirky and simply adorable Pug breed has been forged from a childhood passion for all creatures great and small.

Jane’s passion for all animals, lead her to a rewarding career in veterinary nursing – Jane has over 15 years’ experience in animal health, nutrition, breeding and welfare. In addition to her extensive experience, Jane studied and worked in Colorado USA, and returning to Australia, held the head of nursing position with RSPCA Australia and later leading small animal veterinary practices in northern NSW.

Now a devoted pug advocate and registered pug breeder, Jane is dedicated to sharing the amazing life experience and happiness that owning a Pug can provide each and every day.

Jane’s own pugs are an integral part of her family and lifestyle. Jane also believes they are central to individual well-being and happiness.

As part of the PugLove service, Jane seeks to deliver dedicated, engaging and timely information for the Pug community. This helps create a comprehensive Pug network and a sharing of all there is know and love about the Pug babies.

In addition to Jane and her family the PugLove Pugs are also cared for by an expert team of Veterinarians from the Glen Innes Veterinary Hospital.

Why choose Pug Love?

First and foremost, we are professional Pug breeders – not backyard amateurs or puppy farm hobbyists.

We are dedicated to the loving care, raising and adoption of these amazing animals as well as the search to find them the perfect human family!

From professional and comprehensive adoption processes to Pug events, luxurious accessories and an informative blog – we are everything Pug.

Associations and Affiliations

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While many claim to be professional breeders, we are proud to say we hold nationally recognised certifications to ensure each and every animal is managed and cared for to the highest level.

Our certifications include:

Master Dog Breeders & Associates Master Dog Breeders Certificate

Pet Industry Association Pet Industry of Australia Dog Breeders Certificate 

Dogs NSW Member Dogs NSW Breeders Certificate

We are also delighted to note that Pug Love recently won Best Home Based Business of the Year as part of the local business awards!

A safe & happy home

A safe, caring and happy environment is crucial for the health and well-being of anyone – human or canine! We are located in the beautiful New England region and situated on lush grazing property allowing our Pugs to roam and enjoy a natural and healthy environment. We believe this is essential for their well-being. Many breeders keep dogs in cages and on cement floors creating anxiety and unnecessary stress.

Our Pugs are also a natural extension of our family with both our children and staff engaging with them all day, every day.

Professional care

A healthy and happy Pug is our primary breeding focus. We don’t breed specifically for champions (although many are!) We have a dedicated team of vets who work with us to provide all health checks & vaccinations as well as seeing to the overall health of our Pugs.

“As the owner – I’m a registered and professional veterinary nurse. In addition, we have another veterinary nurse on staff Stephanie Grob and my husband Christopher Alt is a qualified animal health advisor.”

The end result? Healthy, happy and balanced Pugs!

Comment From Pet Industry Association Inspection & Audit 2016

“It was great to see a breeding facility where the dogs were as happy to be enjoying themselves as much as this one. The individual attention that each dog receives and the units they are housed in is a testament to the owner’s attention to care and detail. The dogs have a great social environment and the interaction between dogs and humans is an extremely positive one. It was a pleasure to inspect and report on this facility.”

Dr. Matt Pope BVSc (Hons)