DIY Collarette for Dogs

This a a cost savy stylish way to pimp your dog collar, a great way to recycle a shirt creating a custom Collarette for your dog.
What you will need
Recycled collared shirt
Craft glue
Fabric trim
Thread unpicker

1. Measure your dogs neck and find a old collared shirt the appropriate size for your dogs neck, Vinnies usually has a great selection.
2. Start by unpicking the collar from the shirt at the neckline, you can also cut off the collar but you will need to sew a hem around the edge to prevent it from fraying, alternatively you can embellish the neckline with fabric trim using fabric/craft glue.
3. To use simply button it around your dogs neck. If you wish to use a lead then place the shirt collar over the existing lead collar. It is not recommended to attach the lead to the shirt collar as it may not be durable enough.

Have fun ! I will be Looking forward to seeing some pics of dog collarette masterpieces