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PugLove Puppy Testimonial - Bette The Pug

Posted by Jane Alt on
PugLove Puppy Testimonial - Bette The Pug

Our pug adoption story started with our puppy Ted, a 9 month old Maltese x Shih tzu with a gentle temperament. Ted is so social and we noticed on our walks he would want to stop and say hello to every dog walking by. We realised that Ted needed a companion to play and grow with.

Ted & Bette

I have had a pug, Vince in the past and knew that they were gentle and loving. However, I was concerned about ethical breeding practices, especially after finding Vince was from what I considered, a substandard environment and care. He lived to be a senior pug but had hefty health issues along the way.

Even back when I had Vince I had heard of Jane & PugLove through the pug community.  It was common knowledge that Jane was sought after due to her ethical, professional and health-centred approach to breeding, in addition to providing home support. I vowed that if I ever adopted another pug after Vince it would only be through Jane. Finally the day came where our pug puppy was available to adopt.

We have had Bette in our lives for less than a week and can’t believe how happy Ted and Bette are together. Bette was so well adjusted when we picked her up from Jane, knowing how to sit and come to her name. This made a world of difference on the first night, where we were all able to sleep soundly. It is extremely evident to see that Jane’s puppies are cared for holistically, with not only the pup having excellent linage and health but also their well-being and pre-home training needs met.Puppy Bette

I have not see such dedication in any other breeders I have come across. Jane’s pugs are her life and family and we feel honoured to have adopted such a beautiful pug to now join our family. Thank you so much for our precious gift.

Warmest regards,

Renee and Taneil x