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Tragic Tick Warning

Posted by Jane Alt on
Tragic Tick Warning

Recently my close friend Aaron sadly lost his adored 12 week old French Bull Dog puppy Pierre to the dreaded paralysis tick, we hope by sharing his story we can prevent other dog owners from suffer his heartbreaking grief.
Like many dog owners Aaron treats his dogs with tick prevention monthly during the summer months starting the first day of spring, this year was a tragic learning experience for Aaron; when playing in the garden with Pierre late in August he noticed him sneezing & coughing, at first he thought he must have had a piece of grass stuck in his mouth or nose, on closer inspection Aaron discovered a horrible Paralysis tick attached to the French bulldog Pierre’s lip.

Aaron immediately called his Veterinarian & rushed Pierre to the veterinary hospital, at the very moment Aaron rushed through the doors of the Hospital handing Pierre to the vet he stopped breathing.

The veterinary team worked frantically to revive Pierre unfortunately the puppy lost his fight. this has been a heartbreaking experience & we hope by sharing this heart wrenching story we will alert dog owners that ticks can attack at any time of the year, we may be able to prevent another tick tragedy.

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