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PugLove Penelope's Adoption Story

Posted by Jane Alt on
PugLove Penelope's Adoption Story

From the minute I saw her online, I couldn’t sleep until I got the call that she was mine. A very professional approach to allowing pug puppy adoptions, with a lot of care and interest afterwards.

I am not pug obsessed, but send pics online to Jane as she has a genuine interest in seeing her babies growing up. I know another pug  (Mr Wilson) from the same litter as Penelope and he is just beautiful too!

Thank you for allowing me to adopt such a well cared for puppy. I feel like I could contact you at anytime for advice. Many people have asked where I got Penelope from and I have referred them to contact you about pug adoptions. I couldn’t imaging my world without her, thank you xx

Kylie Mathews

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