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5 Tips to keep your dog healthy this Spring

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5 Tips to keep your dog healthy this Spring


Fresh green grass, warm sunshine, Longer days and weekends spent at the beach or park with your furry friends all mean one thing - spring is here! As we emerge from our winter hibernation and prepare our yards, gardens, and home for the best months of the year, we don’t want to forget our fur babies. Warmer days also mean the return of several health threats for our dogs.

1. Use heart worm and flea and tick preventive

Now. For everyone except those living in the coldest environments like us at PugLove,  be receiving year-round monthly Heart worm preventive or Heart worm vaccination If you’ve been off heart worm preventive, be sure to have your dog tested prior to starting.  Before you know it we will be swatting and reaching for the aeroguard. Now is also the time to make sure your Dog is protected against Fleas and Ticks. If you wait until you see fleas and ticks to prevent them, it’s too late. You’ve got an infestation in your yard, house, or both. This year brings some new options for flea preventives so be sure to ask your vet about the latest advancements. At PugLove all of our Pugs are members of the GARD family, this gives us piece of mind knowing they are protected all year round.

2. Avoid weekend- part animal syndrome

Each spring it inevitably happens we are all guilty of it : the first warm weekend appears and people think they need to make up for four months of inactivity. They take their unfit, overweight selves with their unfit, overweight dogs and decide to walk five kilometres , hike up their favourite hill , or play frizby until our arms go numb. Whatever it is, it’s too much and somebody gets hurt. This is the time of year when human emergency clinics see injured knees, backs, and shoulders and veterinarians see torn cruciate ligaments, strains and sprains, and a variety of aches and pains. Take it easy. Gradually build up your strength and stamina and understand your dog needs time to adapt as well. This is especially true in older dogs. What is only four to six months to you is more like two to three years to them. And if you do overdo it, be sure and have your dog checked out immediately. The sooner you have even a minor injury checked out and treated, the sooner your dog can return to enjoying the spring.

3. Get the right gear

Today’s active dogs can be better styled equipped than ever before. Having the right gear can increase not only the number of activities you can do with your dog but can also increase you and your dog’s enjoyment. High-quality harnesses & collars, portable water bowls, and cool toys are items every dog lover should have on hand. For the more adventurous, doggie backpacks, protective clothing and glasses, life vests, and water toys are available. Whatever your lifestyle, the correct gear makes the time spent with your fury friend that much more fun.

4. Spring clean with care

As you rush to clean out your garage and prep your yard, remember these jobs may pose a risk to your dog. Many cleaning agents, fertilizers, pesticides, weed-killers, and even mulch can all be dangerous to dogs. Remember, our pugs are smart but they can’t read!.

5. Keep Hydrated

While we are busy enjoying the warmer season don’t forget that your dog cannot sweat, they expel their heat by panting, excessive panting makes dog’s very thirsty & can lead to dehydration or even worse heat exhaustion, keep clean cool water handing when out on adventures & the same when at home, if your dog is outside make sure your dog has plenty of shelter from the sun & a bed to rest on keeping them off the hot surfaces like cement or pavers, if your concerned your dog may be showing signs of heat exhaustion, such as excessive drooling, vomiting or disorientation contact your vet immediately.

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