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  • Birthdate: 09/10/2018
  • Sex: Female
  • Colour: Fawn
  • Puppies Sire: Foo Man Choo
  • Puppies Dam: CoCo
  • Pedigree: Champion – Individual Photo’s & Video available on request
  • Microchip ID: 90164001163654
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Our aim is to bring together an engaging community of pug lovers throughout Australia through our website, events and social pages. Our website provides information about pugs and their care through our blog and our accessory store provides options that are perfectly suited for pugs and have been tested by PugLove and recommended by our pug community before offered.

PugLove is a Registered Pug Breeder with Dogs NSW #2100065354. Our mission is to bring transparency into breeding, it’s the only way to stop backyard breeders and puppy farms trading off our love of pugs and in the best interest of the breed, their health and to ensure they not mistreated. Our adoption process is different, because we are different: we need to select forever homes that are best suited to our pugs and the way they are raised over the first eight weeks which imprints their behaviour for most of their life.

There is no question pugs have delightful personalities, their joyful expressions catch the attention (and hearts) of many, and they bring endless love and happiness into their owner’s lives. Pugs are fun, cute, quirky and the ultimate companion dog whats not to #puglove!